At 7 Seas we believe in doing the right thing. We want to provide seafood consumers with the best available seafood, sourced from the most sustainable fisheries. We are committed to educating and informing our customers and staff about the best seafood choices. In general, we feel that the food industry has moved into a danger zone; too many chemicals in our food, too much processed food and too many companies misinforming or misguiding their consumers. For us, it is very important to buy and sell all-natural and chemical free seafood. We provide our customers with information about where their seafood is coming from and trace it back to the source so that they can be confident they are enjoying seafood that is sustainable and safe. Large companies routinely send North American fish to Asia to be cheaply processed and then ship it back to North America to sell at the highest profit. At 7 Seas, we believe that minimizing our carbon footprint is more important than achieving a higher profit margin so we process our seafood right here in Canada, at our plant.

We strive to be leaders in this industry and get back to the way things should be done. We invite you to join us in the seafood revolution, where consumers expect and demand more responsibility and accountability from their seafood provider.